Hometown: San Diego, California

Favorite Board(s): 404 V3 Race 12’6x 24

Favorite Places to Paddle: past the kelp beds at Cardiff

Favorite Race(s): Carolina Cup, Rum Run Cayman Islands, M2O.

Favorite Pre-Race/Paddle Meal: Momma Hoppa’s banana bread

Favorite Post-Race/Paddle Meal: “Lifeguard Burrito” A whopping 1lb burrito filled with everything under the Mexican sun.

Favorite Paddler(s): All the groms that are pushing the next generation.

Favorite thing(s) to do when not paddling: Surfing: Shortboard, Log, or Standup. Waterpolo. Diving and snorkeling. Playing guitar.

Best feeling in the world: The best feeling in the world to me would probably be complete exhaustion after an all day surf and paddle session, when you have 3rddegree sunburns and your whole body aches from getting tossed around by the waves. And you know the only thing that could make the feeling better is a warm carne asada burrito from Rigos.

Worst feeling in world: Right after a race when you miss out on your goal by a hair and you know that if you gave just one more ounce of strength you could’ve done better. It’s a feeling I’m all too familiar with, but I’m working really hard this year to change that.

Life motto: We are tied to the ocean. And when we go back to the sea, whether it is to sail or to watch – we are going back from whence we came.