404 V3x 12'6" CARBON

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The 2019 V3X is 404’s fastest and most stable race board. This small water race board is ideal for flat waters and high speeds. This overhaul of the classic world record holder, has a clean entry nose and cuts effortlessly through the water.

The V3X has a concave bottom and square tail making this 404s most stable race board. A volume redistribution has occurred between the V3 and V3X.

The V3Xs recessed deck reduces the volume by up to 10% and reduces the weight of the board by up to 6 lbs, while adding vertical height to the nose and rails.

Now you can ride in rougher conditions without carrying around the extra unnecessary weight when you don’t need it. The rail height increase in key areas helps keep the board dry in sloppy water conditions.

This board can easily accommodate heavier paddlers and most recreational paddlers looking to transition from a touring boards to a faster racing boards.



SMALL 12’6” x 22” / 220L

MEDIUM 12’6” x 24” / 237L

LARGE 12’6” x 25” / 250L

X LARGE 12’6” x 26.5” / 260L


SMALL 14’ x 22” / 240L

MEDIUM 14’ x 23.5” / 256L

LARGE 14’ x 25” / 264L

X LARGE 14’ x 26.5” / 284L


404 Green / Red Tail

404 Green / Pink Tail


404 Handle and Self Regulating Air Vent

404 Molded SUP Traction

404 / Carbon Fin

FCS GoPro compatible plug

Deck drain plugs


+ 1 lb EPS Foam 

+ 5.7 oz Carbon Fiber

+ 4 oz Fiberglass